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Do we have to print the coupons and bring them in or can we redeem them with a smart phone or tablet/laptop?

Most of the businesses advertising on www.KickButtCoupons.com accept digital coupons via smart phone. However, there are those businesses that do not and it will be clearly printed on the individual coupons. Please be sure to check the terms and conditions on each coupon before you attempt to redeem them.

What if my printer cannot print color? Are black and white or grey scale coupons accepted?

Absolutely! You will notice that our coupons are void of color (other than black) except for the Advertisers logo. We do not want to waste your ink unnecessarily. You will find that our coupons are as easy on your printer ink as they are on your wallet!

I had a problem with a coupon.

It is extremely rare to have an issue with a business on www.KickButtCoupons.com concerning their coupons, but if you do encounter any issues please contact us immediately at: Admin@KickButtCoupons.com

Also, please check the expiration date of your coupon before you try to redeem it. Often times the deal has simply expired. Most businesses honor their coupons for a time after expiration, in good faith, but please act responsibly and graciously toward them. If you encounter any errors please contact us immediately so we may resolve them.

How can my business advertise on www.KickButtCoupons.com ?

No matter what type of business you are in (restaurant, retail, service oriented), we have a cost effective place for you in our Kick Butt family. We specialize in bringing the best, most affordable, and creative businesses to the masses. Please CLICK HERE to contact us for more information.

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